Freelance vs. Commission

Freelance work is a bit different from commission work because, you are a self-employed working professional who does services or commercial work for a variety of companies or individuals (usually by contract), as opposed to working for a single company. Freelancers also have the freedom to pick and choose their projects that they may want to do!

Commission work is a request from a individuals who wishes to have a piece done on their behalf or on someone else’s behalf. Private commissions are usually through individuals who do not plan to use their commission for commercial activities. However, I do offer commercial commissions at a flat rate cost.

I do various kinds of illustration and graphic design work! If you have something in mind please don’t hesitate to ask what project you would like me to do.

Work that I am especially looking to do in Illustration are:

  • Illustrations / 2-D Concept Art

  • Book covers / Illustrations for books

  • Character Design

  • Gaming Concept Art

  • Prop Design

  • Fantasy/Scifi/Slice-of-Life themes

Work that I am especially looking to do in Graphic Design are:

  • Logo Design

  • Print Design (book covers, invitations, greeting cards, brochures, packaging design, and more!)

  • Branding/ Stationery Design

  • Visual Design/ User Interface Design

If you are interested let’s connect!

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